Saturday, January 31, 2015

Heaven's holy water

When the lamp is shattered
When the winds are gust ling
When the soaring heat depicts summer
It was the arrival of monsoon

The first rain is like heavens holy water pouring on earth
Plants with shining chlorophyll
Early morning dew glittering as crystal
Flowers faultless as new
Buds waiting to bloom
Some dancing around in the cold deadly breeze
All mangoes in their tombs
Spoiled raw due to early rain

Children in coats enjoying rain as life support
Dim atmosphere as a sunny evening of a lovely day
Sunshine more beautiful than ever
Atmosphere bright and gay
Water accumulated on the ground hard to sweep
Courageous birds flying in the hard wind
Wet dogs shrugging their bodies to relief
Ants running helter-skelter
Coconuts afraid of falling from great heights
The lightening strikes terror every wink
Water and wind rule the elements

Roads with shredded leaves, slippery and lonely
Rain seems to be attacking earth from every angle
Every drop as a bullet
Hard wooded trees swaying as rubber
Pilots need radar the most

Every atom seems to be terrified with horror
The smell of mud rises in air as hot flowing wind
Thirsty plants satisfied with sudden water
Picking up the glass, the atmosphere calms down

And the world adjusts to the monsoon, welcoming it with open arms

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